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Once you get started and see how easy online webcam lessons are, you'll see why they're so popular today.

If you have any questions on how online lessons work or you would like to talk about what you want to learn or work on, contact me and we can discuss it.

Southampton Guitar Lessons

If you’re near Southampton and looking to learn to play the guitar, whether you’re a complete beginner or if you’ve been playing for years you’re in the right place!

  • Learn fun arrangements of your favourite songs that take your playing to the next level. See More
  • Eliminate the frustration of slow progress with step by step lesson plans and in between lesson support. See More
  • Build up the essential music skills to become the musician you want to be, with our interactive beginner/intermediate/advanced training packages. See More
  • Wow future bandmates and fans by learning cool chords, improvisational skills and lead playing techniques such as tapping or sweep picking. See More
  • Risk-Free Learning/ Money Back Guarantee. See More

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Guitar Tuition

Guitar Lessons Southampton

Why learn guitar at Southampton Guitar Academy?

Marcus has taught students from Southampton, Romsey, Totton, Eastleigh, Chandlers Ford, Winchester, Hythe and Fareham. He’s even had a student stay with him even after moving to Brighton!

Students choose to learn guitar at Southampton Guitar Academy because they know they’ll receive excellent quality lessons from Marcus.

Southampton Guitar Academy is dedicated to offering something a bit more than a typical guitar teacher. Here is a side by side comparison of what we offer that sets us apart from other guitar teachers in Southampton:

How We Help You Reach Your Goals

Other Teachers

Most teachers teach from lesson to lesson and don’t make plans to help you progress long term.

Southampton Guitar Academy

From the moment that you enroll for lessons we sit down together and make a detailed plan of your short term and longer term goals, and every few months we evaluate your progress. This helps you to make much better progress faster.

How we track your progress

Other Teachers

Most teachers won’t record a students progress, only teach songs and will often ‘wing it’ from lesson to lesson. Some teachers may even forget what they taught from lesson to lesson.

Southampton Guitar Academy

Not only do we record each and every lesson to chart your progress, but you will receive an detailed email lesson report with helpful notes on how to best practice and prepare for your next session.

How We Support You Between Lessons

Other Teachers

Most teachers only teach lesson to lesson, and the support stops once the lesson ends.

Southampton Guitar Academy

There are many benefits to taking lessons at SGA; Between lessons you have full free access to a range of support and services so the learning and progress continues to happen BETWEEN lessons:

  • Student on-line account to access lesson notes, practice logbook, resources & more.
  • Video tutorials available to re-enforce lessons in studio.
  • Free ear training program worth over £30.
  • Huge discount on quality software.
  • High Quality software can make learning at least twice as effective as traditional music lessons.

The combined value of these resources is worth far more than the price of an individual lesson, and is included completely free as part of our learning service.

Risk Free Learning/ Money back guarantee

Other Teachers

Most teachers do not offer a money back guarantee with their teaching service.

Southampton Guitar Academy

At SGA we go beyond just offering a money back guarantee. We are so confident that you will love learning guitar with us that we also offer to pay for you to take a lesson with one of our competitors in the highly unlikely event that you are not totally satisfied by the quality of our teaching service. (terms & conditions apply).

Dedicated To Making You A Better Guitarist

Learning music is a long term pursuit, and choosing the right teacher to nurture your abilities is an important investment to your enjoyment of making music and achieving your dreams.

Becoming the guitarist you want to be takes time and dedication.

You will feel like a you have a large mountain to climb, but to get where you want to be you take one step at at time.

With the right mentor you will get there much faster and have more fun along the way, avoiding many of the frustrations and pitfalls that most self taught guitarists fall into.

Guitar Tuition
Guitar Academy

Quality Guitar Lessons Guaranteed

We are so confident that you will enjoy learning guitar with us that we offer you this unbeatable “better than money back” guarantee…

In the highly unlikely event that you are not totally happy with our service, we will not only refund your lesson fee. We will also pay for you to learn with one of our competitors.

We are the first and currently the only music educator in Southampton that actually dares to make this offer because we are extremely confident that you will love learning with us, and we want you to get the best possible guitar learning experience in Southampton totally risk-free.

*Terms & Conditions apply.

Supported and Partner Programs

When you take guitar lessons at Southampton Guitar Academy, you get to enjoy the benefits from popular music programs shown below.

Southampton Guitar Academy also supports Musicians Without Borders. Talk to Marcus to learn more about these programs and organisations.

Southampton Guitar Academy Students

Do we offer the best guitar lessons in Southampton? Read reviews from our students and their parents and find out what they have to say about us.

**Guitar is taught up to grade 8 (advanced) level. Bass is taught up to grade 5 (intermediate) level.