Live Online Guitar Lessons in Southampton

Learn guitar online from the safety and comfort of your own home

Due to recent increased demand for remote online learning, Southampton Guitar Academy now offers guitar lessons online.

Whilst many of my students are based in and close to Southampton, you are not limited by distance.

For this reason, a number of my students take lessons from nearby cities in & close to the Hampshire area such as Winchester, Bournemouth and Portsmouth.

This service also works well for cities further afield, such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Brighton or Edinburgh.

This safe convenient learning option is ideal if you live too far from my studio for face to face lessons, or you have a busy schedule, and it is more convenient for you to take lessons remotely from your office of home, and cut out the time travelling to my studio.

Contact me here if you have any questions about online lessons.

Marcus Richardson

Why Choose Online Guitar Lessons

In addition to the convenience and time/expense saved by not needing to travel to lessons, online learning also has the following advantages:

Guitar Studio

Better Learning Experience

During lessons, I’m able to share my screen with you and bring up an interactive Guitar TAB, transcriptions, or backing tracks.

This is a great way to work on songs or techniques and far better than learning from a book.

In the screenshot to the left, you can see that I’m able to bring up the Guitar TAB for a song this student wants to learn.

We’re able to work through any part of the song, hear playback of the song, and slow the tempo down to work on difficult parts. We can loop sections, transpose songs, or even change the guitar parts.

There’s no need for books like in traditional lessons, which means you get a better learning experience.

Multiple Camera Angles

You can get to see a “guitar player’s perspective” of the fretboard during demonstrations in addition to the normal view of your teacher from the front.

This additional perspective can be helpful for new and more experienced learners to learn the optimal positions for their finger and hand positioning on the fretboard, for faster better progress.

I use high-quality webcams and high-speed internet to deliver the best possible visual/audio quality, to ensure lesson content is enjoyable and easy to follow.

Guitar Studio
Guitar Studio

Extra Learning Resources

You can learn from a wide range of extra resources I provide my students. Learn with backing tracks, transcriptions, scale diagrams, and anything else you need to achieve your goals.

In the screenshot, you can see that my student is learning how to improvise using a variety of different scale shapes.

Being able to easily bring up scale shapes and explain them is simple with online lessons. You also have access to a lot of extra resources to use outside of lesson times.

Another benefit of online lessons is that I am in a better position to be able to advise you on effective practice.

Why is this? Online learning gives me a view into your own home practise/music room setup. Quite often the rate and degree of your success learning guitar is down to how effectively your practice room is set up, and being able to see how you set up in front of your computer will give me a good picture of how you practice.

In the past, When a student has made some (usually minor) changes to their practice room, that I have suggested, this benefits their practice and ultimately their progress as a player. Usually making a few changes to this space can result in a more rewarding, enjoyable and success full practice sessions.

What You Need for Online Guitar Lessons

Getting started with online guitar lessons is quick and easy.

All you need is a computer or laptop with a webcam/mic and a good internet connection, and you are good to go!

Lesson take place online via video conferencing software called Zoom. All you need is to set up a free account with Zoom to start having online guitar lessons. I can guide you through how to set up the software if you haven’t done this before.

You can learn more about Zoom and set up your free account here.

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Online Guitar Lessons Available Now

Once you get started and see how easy online webcam lessons are, you'll see why they're so popular today.

If you have any questions on how online lessons work or you would like to talk about what you want to learn or work on, contact me and we can discuss it.

Testimonials from Online Students:

In 2016 I purchased a guitar and amplifier as part of my 2nd or 3rd midlife crisis and realised it was much, much harder than it looked, fortunately I found Marcus and he’s taken me on a musical adventure.

His teaching style is excellent, I’ve made really solid progress and I really enjoy our lessons. Marcus is a talented musician who’s really personable and has a deep understanding of music, I’m interested in the theory behind the music and he’s never failed to satisfy my curiosity.

Then came COVID19 and social distancing, but Marcus has invested in really good technology and for the past few months we’ve been doing lessons over Zoom. I appreciate that’s not going to suit everyone but I’ve found the whole experience to be excellent. In these difficult times it’s really important to me to have the ability to continue having lessons with Marcus and whilst it’ll never quite replace a face to face session it’s really close.

I don’t feel that it’s taken anything away from my enjoyment of our weekly lessons, not being able to jam together is probably the only downside due to the inherent latency of the internet. I suspect that post COVID lockdown I may continue to take at least some of my lessons over Zoom.

Robert Montani

Online Guitar Student

Marcus Richardson is an intuitive, versatile and effective music teacher. He takes time to listen, analyse and meet my goals and learning needs as an acoustic guitar student. Marcus combines his own deft flourishes of talent on a wide range of guitars to inspire whilst teaching basic techniques with attention to detail.

He responds regularly and respectfully to student feedback, adapting lesson plans and practice routines accordingly to help maintain motivation when any barriers to progress are encountered.

His wonderful dry sense of humour and visual metaphors have helped me to grasp guitarist skills, enabling me to switch between my parallel instincts as an organist and keyboard player. Marcus deserves particular praise for his positive resilient response to the public health precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

His transfer of our weekly lessons from in-person meetings to Zoom video conferencing is preserving the continuity and quality of tuition. In some aspects, the use of video is enhancing my homework with his creative use of multiple film camera angles to illustrate smooth fretboard navigation.

Thank you Marcus for helping this former teenage musician re-discover his love of performing music in adulthood.

Duncan Smith

Online Guitar Student

Coming Soon: Online Group Guitar Lessons

Whilst one on one lessons give the fastest best progress, overall, as lessons are tailored to you as an individual, there are also benefits to learning in a group.

This budget friendly option is for the casual player and beginner, that would like to learn or relearn guitar in a friendly informal setting.

Learn together and play guitar in a small group of like minded music lovers.

If you are interested in online group guitar lessons, contact me here to let me know. We can discuss what you want to learn on guitar and look at a suitable group for you to join.

Southampton Guitar Academy Students

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**Guitar is taught up to grade 8 (advanced) level. Bass is taught up to grade 5 (intermediate) level.