Students Testimonials

Find out from the below students what they think of Marcus and Southampton Guitar Academy.

“Marcus has great experience and knowledge in not only teaching the guitar but also playing in bands and writing his own music. He personally took me from being a beginner to an intermediate player and expanded my knowledge of the fret board, techniques and music theory. With Marcus’s help I am now able to read music, TAB and also learn songs from CD’s and DVD’s applying his techniques that he had taught me. Marcus will teach you to your individual needs or to a set curriculum and is extremely patient throughout the process.”

Martin Emmerson

Guitar student

“Marcus is able to apart himself to my requirements rather than what the book says.”

Andie Chessun

Guitar student

“Marcus has always been accommodating to our lesson arrangement and truly understands what kind of music and skills that our son wants to learn. Our son has been taking lessons for a few years now and always looks forward to his guitar lesson.”

Lori Dode

Parent of teenage student

“I enjoy the lessons a lot because of the confidence installed in me. The preparation towards my first RGT exam was greatly helped by the lessons I have had.”

Brendan Bickley

Guitar Student

“I look forward to lessons because no matter what song I wish to learn how to play, he has the skills and knowledge to break it down and to make it easy to learn the theory side, as well as find a comfortable way for me to play which is inspiring, and no challenge I have given him is too tough. There is a right and a wrong way to learn the guitar and Marcus has helped iron out some bad habits that are too easy to be picked up, but with your dedication under Marcus’s easy to understand guidance you will see major results.”

Darren Smith

Guitar Student

“Marcus is a very good teacher. He is patient and enthusiastic, and manages to keep my 8 year old son inspired and interested”.

Alice Leahey

Parent of student

“My son Ed says (Marcus is) much better than music teachers at school because you are much more patient!”

Simon Dawson

Parent of 10 year old guitar student

“Breagh our ten year old daughter has taken up the Guitar again and is really enjoying the whole experience with her tutor Marcus Richardson. The chance to be home tutored has made the learning experience much easier, no rushing around prior to the lesson so no stressed parents or child, helping aid concentration.
In these few weeks Marcus has inspired Breagh to practise much more with out prompting mainly on her electric guitar and is becoming much more confident so she plays for family and friends and wants to take her first grade soon. This is all in a relatively short period of time.
Marcus has a good manner, calm and punctual, clear in his instruction, positive and professional in his approach to teaching and Breagh has benefited from these attributes. Marcus clearly likes music and this also inspires.
I’m really pleased with her progress and to see her happy and wanting more. I look forward to see what Breagh plays next”

Mr T White

Parent of student

“Great overall experience – learning songs and theory at the same time, made theory fun!!”

Adam Weekes

Guitar Student

“Marcus has been teaching guitar to my son for over a year now. He provides a service that has been excellent value for money, with friendly productive lessons. Since starting guitar lessons my son’s interest in music continues to grow; he has joined the school orchestra and has had a lot of fun performing at concerts.”

Sara Norton

Parent of student

“Marcus plans his lessons around my ability and what I want to learn. I’ve been playing the guitar for many years without tuition and wanted to learn more about the blues and begin the journey of understanding more about music theory. I enjoy playing with the interesting insights and ideas that Marcus has taught me and I have found his tuition to be very valuable and good fun. Jolly nice chap too.”
Service Category: Guitar Tuition
Year first hired: 2010
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Steve Atterwal

Guitar Student

“Marcus is a patient and understanding teacher. He enables a student to have confidence in him/herself”.

Maggie Bond

Guitar Student

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