Build up the essential music skills to become the musician you want to be

with our interactive beginner/intermediate/advanced training packages.

Whilst we assess your musical tastes and abilities from the very first session, and plan your lessons accordingly, other skills and tasks are seamlessly woven into the student experience e.g.:

Ear Training: Interval recognition & Rhythm Recognition exercises. Having good ear skills is often overlooked, and will also help your playing to sound better.

You will have access to our unique third party software to enhance and supplement your practice.
Arrangements of any of your favourite songs can be made available (via midi files, Tabs and standard notation).

Being able to slow down a piece to it’s incremental notes (via the software) has proven to be popular and useful to the learning experience of many students.

Southampton Guitar Academy Students

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**Guitar is taught up to grade 8 (advanced) level. Bass is taught up to grade 5 (intermediate) level.