Eliminate the frustration of slow progress

with step by step lesson plans and in between lesson support.

Individualised Lesson Plans: We assess your musical tastes and abilities from the very first session, and plan your lessons accordingly so you make better progress, and avoid the frustrations and pitfalls that many other guitarists will experience.

Between Lesson Support: If you ever get stuck on an assignment between a lesson, help is available. You will find this service valuable by not only helping you to make faster progress, but to also get better value from each lesson, as you will never have to repeat and pay for the same lesson over again.

Our Unique System: Whilst other music teachers and schools only charge their time in hourly or half hourly slots, we believe that most learning takes place between lessons, so we focus on providing you with a great service that you can access 24/7 between and beyond the lesson time in our studio.

We go the extra mile with these services because we are familiar with many of the potential pitfalls that guitarists can experience, and want our students to succeed.

Guitar is an awesomely enjoyable and creative instrument, and with the right guidance and support you will be amazed, surprised and pleased by how far you can go.

Southampton Guitar Academy Students

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**Guitar is taught up to grade 8 (advanced) level. Bass is taught up to grade 5 (intermediate) level.