Learn fun arrangements of your favourite songs

that take your playing to the next level.

Whilst one main reason why one wants to learn guitar is to play their favourite songs, quite often it is easy to become confused and lost in the technicalities of a piece.

Also many guitarists get bored learning material the isn’t stretching them enough. Alternatively they may be making poor progress due to taking on song arrangements beyond their current capability..

Our large catalogue of song arrangements is graded appropriately according to your level of ability.

You will always be learning arrangements of songs that are within your ability to play whilst providing you with enough challenge so you grow and make improvements as a musician.

And what’s more, you can access or download and play along to these arrangements anytime between lessons.

Southampton Guitar Academy Students

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**Guitar is taught up to grade 8 (advanced) level. Bass is taught up to grade 5 (intermediate) level.