Wow future band mates and fans by learning cool chords

improvisational skills and lead playing techniques such as tapping or sweep picking.

Advanced Chords: Extensions and substitutions including 7ths, 9ths, 13ths, Augmented & Diminished & more. These extended and altered chords are typically used to add interest to harmonies, and again can add excitement or mystery to chord voicing compared to more basic major or minor chords. They are found in every style of guitar music from blues to Jazz fusion to progressive Metal and Djent styles.

Improvisation skills: lead & rhythm guitar.
Improvisation depends upon good ear training (mentioned earlier) practice of some scales (you can of course vary the notes within the scale) and a knowledge of chord progressions. A great way is to use a backing track (or at least a metronome to keep your backing sharp) . You can start with the notes in a scale. When you have mastered and can throw in some predefined riffs your improvisation can start to take off. Knowing the chord progression of a song is imperative as you will know the root notes and chord tone notes to ‘land on’ e.g. at the end of a musical phrase.

With my students, as well as the above music theory, I encourage their confidence by providing relevant backing tracks and/or jamming with them as necessary during their lesson to embellish their learning.

Examples of tapping and sweeping – this is what I mean:

This may look difficult but with practice tapping and sweeping is very achievable.

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